C-Murder Feat. B. Streezy – “Tomorrow”

05.24.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

At some point, C-Murder managed to record enough material for a new album, presumably while on house arrest last year as he awaiting a new trial for the murder charges he was facing. While we all know the outcome at this point, one could assume that Corey would’ve taken the opportunity to shed some light on his thoughts during a stressful & uncertain time in his life.

Backed by an uplifting guitar lick and chorus, C-Murder puts on a brave face while anticipating the day he beats the charge. For all the assumptions about his presumed innocence, there are certain lines that could give credence as to why P decided to wash his hands of this whole situation. Freedom over street cred would seem to be a smart move, but it almost seems like Corey revels in the hood stripes he’s received from this whole ordeal. It’s a shame because this song kind of leaves me wanting to hear more from him, even though I already know how the story ends.

C-Murder Feat. B. Streezy – “Tomorrow” | Download

Look for C-Murder’s ninth studio album Tomorrow to hit storefronts 6.15.10

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