The iPod Shuffle – Cadillac Tah’s “POV City Anthem”

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Lil' X Birthday Party - June 15, 2005

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Let me tell you something lil’ whoadie. All these old cats poppin’ noise about how “music was better” back in their day and lyrics meant something, they’re just living in the past, sippin’ from a cup called nostalgia, which always tastes better. I was there and back in the day had as many weak songs and one-hit wonders as music today and of the future.

For example, Cadillac Tah’s “POV City Anthem.” Right now, you listen to it and you think “that shit sounds dated as hell, OG.” You’re right, it definitely does. But when it came out around 200whatever, it was a joint, ya heard me. This was back when cats were wearing Iceberg and Coogi, sippin’ Moet and Alize were a normal function for living it up and Timeports were the iPhones of the moment.* Actually, I have no idea how true it is but I remember the story going that whoever made this beat did it using a Timeport. Google it if you want, this is The Smoking Section, not the rap Smoking Gun. I’m not wasting time looking because I have a little bit more of the story to tell.

As great as this song was, Tah was no more than a benchwarmer for Murder Inc. At the time, Irv Gotti had the Ja Rule and Ashanti tandem poppin’ off on the charts, so Tah’s talents never were fully realized. But, if only for one song, he captured lighting in a bottle to create his one wonderful hit that still gets play to this day on this side.


* — Pardon my slackness but true players never worked with a Sidekick. Those shits were high school toys. The big boys were all about Timeports and then BlackBerrys.

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