The Imperial Stars Don’t Let Traffic Laws Block Their Shine

10.12.10 7 years ago 14 Comments

So, this is what it’s come to. No longer do starving artists send their demos to labels, or set-up shop outside executive offices to pester A&Rs. Instead, in our YouTube universe, aspiring musicians like California Pop-Rock trio Imperial Stars result to brash activities such as this to draw attention to their tunes.

Officials said a band blocked the 101 Freeway in Hollywood on Tuesday morning for an impromptu concert that jammed traffic and tested the patience of commuters.

In what is believed to be an effort at promotion, authorities said that members of a band called Imperial Stars blocked all but one lane of the southbound 101 with a large truck advertising the band. The group has a song called “Traffic Jam 101.”

Witnesses said they saw members of the band singing and playing instruments on top of the truck.

The California Highway Patrol reported that three people were under arrest, and officials were trying to get all lanes of the southbound 101 open again. The traffic backup extended into the San Fernando Valley.

The driver of the truck fled in another vehicle and took the keys to the vehicle with him, the CHP said.

Sarah Faden, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Police Department, said the three suspects were “creating some type of havoc” on the freeway.

Despite the obvious trouble that arises from a stunt of this magnitude, this is actually pretty genius. From linking the song name and stunt location, to the fact all proceeds supposedly go to the homeless, a lot of stoned-out sessions of creativity were had in the making of Imperial Star’s elaborate plot. Hopefully, for their sake, this scheme–coupled their recently-released and corresponding video for “Traffic Jam 101”–will be able to garner enough attention to justify airplay outside the news update and pay their hefty legal bills.

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