Hopsin Deserves Better

10.08.10 7 years ago 17 Comments

It always amazes me how – with so many outlets for an artist to catch on – certain talents can still fly under the radar. Case in point, that crazy lookin’ sumb*tch staring at you, named Hopsin.

Apparently, with appearances on The Wake-Up Show, multiple music videos and a one-time deal with Ruthless Records, this California rhymeslayer has been taking the necessary strides to climb the ladder of lyrical success. Yet, someone who spends half their free time online, researching Hip-Hop – like myself – has to find out about this fusion of ’99 Slim Shady and Tech N9ne from 2002, third-hand and through a friend of a friend. Watch either of of these videos and tell me how the hell that happens to someone this talented?

I’m assuming it’s the off-putting contacts, but I’ve been wrong a couple times. Either way, someone needs to get this guy a street team and some bifocals, stat.

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