Cam’ron & Cousin Bang Are At It Again In Episode 1 Of The ‘1st Of The Month’ Movie

07.02.14 4 years ago 10 Comments

camron 1st of the month movie

Anyone looking for a proper way to dispose of 20 minutes should look no further than Cam’ron and friends for assistance. With Vol. 1 of his 1st Of The Month series releasing yesterday (listen here), the accompanying mini-movie has found its way online as well. By now, most people know that Cam in front of the camera has overtaken Cam on the mic, which isn’t necessarily a negative or even a knock. It’s just that he has a huge appeal as an actor in these hood dramas he creates.

And, the cast of characters around him are equally entertaining as fine ass fiancee JuJu and the always ignorantly funny Cousin Bang have roles here. In the flick, Killa’s the crime boss and, as usual, Bang’s on his ass pause for going soft, keeping the first episode moving. Granted, the script, a term used loosely here, could use some sharpening, there’s enough intrigue and bits of comedy to keep viewers entertained for a few minutes and waited to see how things play out in episode two.

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