This Cam’ron & A-Trak “Two The Hard Way” Trailer Will Make You Wish It Was A Real Movie

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Sometimes jokes are hilarious, but more hurtful in the long run. Take this Cam’ron and A-Trak movie trailer produced by Rik Cordero, for example.

Being the cinematic pillar for hood excellence that he is, here I was under the belief Killa and Trak’s Two The Hard Way would be an actual film set to accompany their Federal Reserve EP dropping this spring. Comedy was packed on top of comedy which was, in turn, packed atop more comedy as Killa and The Producer bobbed and weaved their way through whatever hijinks dynamite and bowl of Fruit Loops could muster.

Couple that with finding out Dame Dash and Barbara Streisand would be making appearances and I sat at my computer with this exact reaction:

Tears of Joy

Then, I re-read the description. “Move trailer spoof.”

In the blink of an eye, dreams were killed and tears of joy morphed into tears of pain. It’s not as if I expected a two-hour, red carpet movie theater release. Thirty minutes on YouTube or Vimeo would’ve sufficed perfectly.

Nevertheless, the two did sit down with Complex’s Donnie Kwak for the magazine’s newest cover story. Find joy is discovering not only will Jimmy and Juelz be featured on the EP or Just Blaze’s seminal role in the project, but also Dame Dash will have speaking parts on Reserve, which means Puffy’s Mastermind rant could soon have company.

What hurts nearly as worse as realizing Two wasn’t the long awaited followup to the 1974 blaxploitation classic is this excerpt.

Exactly how did this odd couple end up together in the ’burbs of New Jersey, feasting on Killa shrimp? Well, it turns out that Cam’ron and A-Trak have a lot in common. Both are highly creative artists and disarmingly polite men who share an unwavering belief that Cam’ron is the best rapper of his generation. And—most important—they have a mutual friend in Damon Dash, Ultimate Hustler™.

1. I love shrimp. I once spent $150 on shrimp at DC’s outdoor seafood market (The Wharf).

2. I’m a nice guy. In fact, I once gave a homeless guy in DC my last $10 because I knew I could still get three wings and fries with extra mambo sauce with my debit card. That’s also $10 less than Cam gave the homeless guy in Vegas to kick him in the nuts.

3. I don’t know if Cam’s the best rapper of his generation. I do know this. The man is an American institution on fashion, music, culinary arts, acting and entrepreneurial endeavors. That type of quintuple threat doesn’t come around often.

All I’m saying is this. Let me tag along for an evening filled with drunken strip club runs and corner store tomfoolery with Cam, JuJu, Dame and Trak. We can all come back, eat shrimp and listen to classic Dipset records as well as the time he and Jimmy caught Ma$e slipping on Hot 97.

If this sounds like “The Greatest Story Never Told,” that’s only because they haven’t accepted my Facebook requests yet.

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