Cam’ron’s ‘Complex Individuals’ Interview Is Going To Be The Highlight Of Your Day. Guaranteed.

12.19.13 4 years ago 11 Comments

Every TSS O.G. is aware I’m openly bias when it comes to certain aspects of pop culture. They all sort of accept it, shake their head on occasion and let me rock. And I appreciate each of you for being the bigger person. For those neither new or true to this, realize Cam’ron sits near the top of the list.

There’s only so many ways left to say Cam is one of our country’s greatest natural reasons, but…Cam’ron is one of our country’s greatest natural resources. Killa sat down with Complex as the latest subject in their Complex Individuals series. Basically, here’s everything a person needs to know prior to clicking play.

1. ODB casually admitted to Cam in a normal conversation he had gonorrhea and kept it moving like nothing happened.

2. The fact no one in New York has taken the time to introduce Cam and Larry David – double the fact Cam wants to meet him – is why the Knicks suck right now.

3. Even drunk, Flea (that’s Cam’s nickname) is quick on his feet. This will make more sense after viewing the video.

4. What Killa told Zeke to tell the groupies outside of his hotel room to do upon entering is already the funniest thing I’ve heard all week and we’ve still got the weekend.

Cam is the rap game Charles Barkley. He won’t go down as the greatest MC to ever live, but his impact on the game is immeasurable in both style and substance. Yet, like Barkley’s post-hoops career has catapulted him into a different form of celebrity as an analyst and all-around media darling simply for being himself, part of me believes Cam could walk away from rap and do the same with his own ventures. They’re both enigmas who – when they talk – people are going to listen because there’s no true gauge on what’s going to be said.

Of course, this is all that bias I was referring to earlier talking. Don’t mind me, however, just click play and spread some holiday cheer by showing it to someone else. Unlike ODB’s gift, this can keep giving and not burn in the process.

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