Cam’Ron Ft. Lil Wayne – “Love To A Diplomat”

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
04.16.13 10 Comments

Not really sure but I don’t think this new Cam’ron is going to get his name off that one list from the other week just yet. We’re used to hearing magic (“Suck It Or Not,” anyone?) when Harlem and Hollygrove collaborate but something went awry here.

“Love To A Diplomat” sounds very…skittish, mostly due to the production. Cam’s verse see him flexing a little comedic muscle but the Wayne’s chorus isn’t engaging at all. Seeing the artists’ names and the song title, will probably leave you saying “Remember when…” before you say play it again.

The track will live on Flex’s Who You Mad At? Me Or Yourself?, but not many other places.

Swiped: Complex via X.

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