The iPod Shuffle – Cam’ron & Hell Rell’s “Get ‘Em Daddy (Remix)”

12.31.13 4 years ago 14 Comments

Recall when Jay Z announced his “I Declare War” concert and had rap in a tizzy? He planned to air people out who had been talking sideways about him. Then he actually had the concert where he and Nas let bygones be bygones and none of it happened. Uh huh, still pissed about that?

In the height of my Dipset stan days, I thought World War III became inevitable in New York City and Jay faced a firing squad in Cam, Juelz, Hell Rell, JR Writer and 40 Cal. I had myy freshly washed 3XL Diplomats tee on deck and Jay only had to say first word to get the paws put on him without a moment’s notice.* Plus, to add fuel to the fire, Cam got shot in D.C. only a few days earlier so I already felt like Doughboy after Ricky died.

Yet, when the “Get ‘Em Daddy (Remix)” video first dropped on Boxden – with Cam in a sling, comparing bullets to Scooby Snacks no less – tears of pride were the only appropriate reaction. The King of New York gave his State of the Hood address.

* – I’m lying.

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