PoV: Killa + Capo

03.06.14 4 years ago 6 Comments

Jim Jones and Cam’ron have had their shared successes as well as their their documented ups and downs. Now, they’re back together again as Capo’s said to have at least one feature on Federal Reserve, the joint joint project between Cam and A-Trak, which I’m sure this pic relates to the given Info’s caption of “#Killa and the #Capo. @mr_camron @jimjonescapo @atrak #dipset #federalreserve.”

With all that’s gone on within their professional careers, it’s good to see these two together since they go back to the sandbox and to a time way before music entered into the picture. Dipset forever, baby!

Update: Someone in the comments mentioned Juelz’s absence. No worries, he was there, too. Now, if Freaky Zeeky turns up in a pic we’ll know all is truly well in the Dip world.

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