The iPod Shuffle – Cam’ron’s “Killa Cam”

07.29.14 3 years ago 19 Comments

Killa performing “Killa Cam” live at the Apollo with Opera Steve providing additional vocals. Cam’s wordplay was stupid on this one. The type arrogant jabs that made Killa Killa in the first place.

“This the realest since ‘Kumbaya'”
Bomaye, Killa Cam, my lord
Still the man with the pan
Scrilla fam, on board
Bitches, they want to neuter me
Niggas, they want to Judah me…
Ice like Winnipeg
Gemstone, Flinstones
You could say I’m friends with Fred
You unhappy scrappy?
I got Pataki at me
Bitches say I’m “tacky daddy”
Range look like Laffy Taffy….
What you want: coke or piff?
Got it all, smoke or sniff?
And you know my drift
Used to figures, dough and shit”

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