Canada Won’t Let Drake And Chris Brown’s New Bromance Flourish

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08.02.14 11 Comments

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With Drake’s fifth annual OVO Fest going down this Sunday and Monday, many suspect Papi will be bringing out former foe Chris Brown to perform whatever song producer Mally Mal said they were working on together. And that was allegedly the plan.

But then Canada got its big, stinkin’, moose-loving, ice hocking-playing, milk in plastic bags-selling selves in the way because Canada doesn’t do violent felons.

We’re told Drake invited Chris to join him Monday night on stage at his OVO Fest. We’re told Chris agreed and the plan was for them to perform the song on which they collaborated last month.

The performance would have been big for 2 reasons — it’s the first time they performed together, and we’re told there are veiled references to Rihanna in the song.

Now the snag. We’re told Chris’ people pulled the plug, because they realized Chris could never get passage into Canada. The country has close to a zero tolerance policy when it comes to letting criminals in … and Chris has not only been convicted of a crime … he’s copped to a violent felony.

“…veiled references to Rihanna.”



Unfortunately for fans, they’ll just have to make due with those boring OutKast guys, and whatever other yawn-worthy surprise guests Drake has in store.


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