QoTD: Who Wants Their NFL Team To Pick Up Aaron Hernandez Next Season?

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09.27.13 14 Comments

Aaron Hernandez Court Appearance

Never thought Aaron Hernandez would be playing football again, unless it was of The Longest Yard variety, right?

Well, the prospects of the embattled tight end making it back to the field took a dramatic turn on Thursday. During the bail hearing for Ernest Wallace, prosecutors disclosed possibly game-changing information for Hernandez and his co-defendants after former friend Carlos Ortiz reportedly changed his initial story.

“Via the Boston Herald, prosecutors disclosed during the bail hearing for Ernest Wallace (pictured) that Ortiz now claims that only Hernandez exited the car before Odin Lloyd was shot and killed in an industrial park near Hernandez’s Massachusetts home.

“Previously, Ortiz supposedly said that both Hernandez and Wallace got out of the car, and that Wallace later told Ortiz that Hernandez had admitted to shooting Lloyd. (That’s an odd admission for Hernandez to make to Wallace, since Wallace presumably was aware of the shooting.)”

What does all this mean?

I’m no attorney but I’ve watched enough Law & Order episodes to know that reasonable doubt can be a useful tool in the hands of good defense attorney. Depending on how Ortiz’s story plays out, it could be hard out here for a prosecuting attorney when a key witness changes his story to say he didn’t witness what he originally said he saw. Confuse the jury enough and Hernandez could potentially walk away from the murder charges scot-free, which means he could play ball again (big maybe).

So, whose team needs a tight end, again?

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