Carmelo Anthony Reportedly Sticking With The Knicks

07.09.14 4 years ago 40 Comments

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The first “big” domino of NBA free agency has officially fallen, Carmelo Anthony will return to the New York Knicks for a max contract worth $129 million over five years according to the NY Daily News.

An announcement is expected to come Thursday and this is in line with what Melo told Vice last month, his family will be paramount to everything, even winning. That can also be loosely translated to, “take the money,” which is fine he has a family to feed really fancy meals to.

Melo spurs suitors Houston and Chicago, despite R. Kelly’s crooning pitch for him to the come the Windy City. This is also contradictory to Melo’s sentiment that he wanted to win, but according to Adrian Wojnarowski Melo’s circle decided to take the money and figure out the location later, including the idea of forcing a trade if necessary. This might prove foolhardy later, as Melo’s massive contract will be hard to trade in the current CBA, judging by the lack of major deals at last two trade deadlines. As a 30 year old Melo grows older and his cap hit increases, he will become harder to deal in the current landscape.

As always with free agency news many will wonder how this impacts the “big six” domino of free agency, LeBron James. Woj also reports that there has been no communication between James and Anthony recently and Melo was never a part of the Heat plans, contradictory to previous reports that there may have been some colluding to bring Melo to Miami.

Of course, as is the current nature of free agency and all this reporting, Anthony’s agent, Leon Rose, tells ESPN that Melo hasn’t made a final decision yet between NY and LA.

Stay tuned. #knickstape

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