Carol Seleme, 2011 Cooler Of The Year

12.29.11 6 years ago 32 Comments

With more than 300+ girls to pick from, you would think choosing a Cooler of The Year would be a daunting task. How can it not be with so many lovely ladies of nearly all races, ethnicities, boob sizes and (acceptable) hip-to-waist ratios. But one Cooler girl stood out from the pack of beauties, C-section favorite Carol Seleme.

With 35-25-38 measurements, it’s clear that the 5’8″ 21-year-old Brazil-born model’s body is nothing short of perfection with her curvy hips, thighs and ample backside. But her best feature is definitely that gorgeous face. With those innocent & beautiful brown eyes, Carol can easily get away with murder and your checkbook. And those luscious lips? To describe them would require verifying that you, the reader, are 18 years or older.

But Carol isn’t just your run-of–the-mill model. She’s also an artist. Okay, yeah, you’re probably thinking, “aren’t they all?” but she’s pretty freaking good and actually an art & design student. Personally, I dig her work as I’ve always been a fan of people with a weird & creative eye.

So, we salute. And for all things Carol, follow her on Twitter (@SelemeCarol), check her Model Mayhem profile and visit her Tumblr, Carol’s Room.

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