Not A Repost: Cash Money Records Sued, Again

Life Writer
02.23.13 12 Comments

Another day, another lawsuit for Cash Money Records. This time the record label Baby and Slim built is being sued for $600,000 plus interest by Robert Poindexter of the 1970s band, The Persuaders.

Poindexter alleges that Cash Money sampled the band’s 1972 song, “Love Gonna Pack Up (and Walk Out)” for Bow Wow’s 2010 track, “Still Ballin” without permission or proper compensation. According to Poindexter, calls to the label resulted in a runaround that forced him to take legal action.

Poindexter claims he reached out to Cash Money for an answer, and was redirected to Bow Wow’s attorneys, who then directed him back to Cash Money … which is why Cash Money’s currently in his crosshairs. Poindexter wants $600,000 in punitive damages, plus interest. Cash Money has yet to respond to the suit.

The runaround may indicate that Birdman has once again forgotten that Bow Wow is on the Cash Money roster.


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