Ca$h Out – “Cashin’ Out” Video

04.01.12 6 years ago 22 Comments

I’m not even going to front, when B. Dot mentioned on Twitter that “Cashin’ Out” was going to be this year’s “Racks On Racks,” I had never heard of either the song or it’s Atlanta-bred owner, Ca$h Out. After doing a little a digging, I too fell susceptible to this horn-happy radio killer. Produced by DJ Spinz, the boastful banger is just as infectious as YC’s singalong single, but not quite as muddled in Auto-Tune as its predecessor. Actually, the song seems intended more for the female breed, which means this potential radio killer could crossover quite quickly.

Seeing as I’ve only heard this song about five times now and already can’t stop saying “I’m riding around with Keisha,” you can consider this post both a heads up and an apology.

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