Cassidy’s Getting Paid A Fortune To Battle Dizaster

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09.02.14 23 Comments
Cassidy Vs Dizaster


Rumors have been rampant since Total Slaughter in July about which “mainstream” rapper would step into the ring next and we finally have our answer, Cassidy will be facing off with Dizaster December 6th in Los Angeles.

As for what coaxed him into taking a battle over a decade after his famed scrapes with Freeway and Murda Mook the answer is simple, money. Cass told VladTv he didn’t care who his opponent would be as long as the money was right, and now it finally is:

“At the end of the day, the reason why I accepted this is because the chicken was right. They gave me crazy chicken. More money than anybody ever made off battling, like what I feel as though I deserve. So when you come to me with the right amount of chicken to make it like,‘Alright, I can dedicate enough time to write for this because you gave me some chicken.’ It’s like, ‘Alright, I ain’t got no picks. Whoever y’all wanna pick. I don’t give a fuck.’ I’m not trying to find the easy win or the hard win, whoever. Whoever y’all got in mind that y’all wanna bring up, it’s gonna be the same result. That’s the mentality I had.”

The “crazy chicken” Cassidy speaks of? Cass said it’s close to $250k with $200k up front, which is more than the $200k flat that Joe Budden said he received to battle Hollow. As for whether or not Cass is worth that, well that’s a story for another day.

Cass goes on to say that the people putting together the event have a relationship with Dizaster so that’s why he got the nod, and that’s where the story gets a little fuzzy. Several times during the interview Cassidy says the battle will be on Total Slaughter, but Lush One of King Of The Dot and Grindtime fame has come out and claimed the battle for his new upstart Fresh Coast Media.

Apparently, Lush is backed by a billionaire named Alki David and his company, FilmOn. David has handed the operation over to Lush and his L.A.-based company and they have even released a trailer for the battle and another for a press conference that will be going down today in LA.

On their end, Total Slaughter has remained mostly silent since their July event, except when Royce Da 5’9 came out to let Mook know he would be willing to house a Mook vs Drake battle after this picture started rumblings that that battle may happen at some point.

Check out the interview below for more details about how the battle with Diz came to be.

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