Stop Laughing And Listen To Cassidy’s Kendrick Lamar Response

08.14.13 4 years ago 99 Comments

The reaction to news that Cassidy was dropping a response to Kendrick Lamar pretty much went like this:


I mean, not Fred The Godson levels of lulz, but still. Cassidy has fallen to comical levels since the early 2000s when a young David D. swore by him. Laugh all you want, but Cassidy rapped his two-stepping ass off.

Honestly, I think this would be better served as a regular freestyle over a dope beat but I guess most of us would have ignored it if we just got an email blast that said “Cassidy freestyle.” It’s really a double-edged sword: respond to Kendrick Lamar and get called corny while getting heard by more people or just drop a regular song and get mostly ignored.

Either way, Cass dropped one of the top tier “responses” so far. His career may never get back on track, but Cassidy has always been a good rapper at the very least. For the most part. Sometimes.

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