Sold! Brazilian Woman Auctions Off Virginity For $780k

10.26.12 5 years ago 28 Comments

We first brought Brazilian philanthrotute Catarina Migliorini and her intentions to sell her virgin goods to your attention last month. In an attempt to help rebuild her home town of Santa Catarina, Migliorini sold off the key to her lockbox to the highest bidder – and, thanks to a deep-pocketed Japanese man named Natsu, the winning bid was pretty damn high. To the tune of $780,000, Natsu will deflower the 20-year-old Brazilian. In a plane. Over the Pacific Ocean (to avoid facing prostitution rules and regulations).

The entire exchange is being documented by Australian filmmaker Justin Sisely, as part of a documentary titled Virgins Wanted. In the end, the biggest winner would appear to be Santa Catarina, who will receive the majority of the earnings to put towards building houses in the community. The loser? Has to be our young heroine. That’s going to be a long, weird flight with Mr. Natsu.

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