#Video Games

‘Doom’ And ‘Mario 64′ Had A Baby That You’re Definitely Going To Want To Play

By | 2 Comments

'Doom: The Golden Souls' is the Doom/Mario 64 mashup you never knew you wanted.

Far Cry 4

This Guy Turned ‘Far Cry 4′ Into An Orgy Of Goat Butt-Stabbing

By | 6 Comments

Hate goats? Well, the 'Far Cry 4' map editor lets you orchestrate mass goat slaughter.

#Video Games

A New Female Character In ‘Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor’ Is Now Free To Play

By | 2 Comments

Want to unleash some Girl Power on the forces of Sauron? Now you can.


Godzilla Is A Chubby-Thighed Badass In The Latest Trailer For His New Video Game

By | 11 Comments

Gojira has a new game on the way, and it looks like a city-smashing good time.

WWE 2K15

Review: ‘WWE 2K15′ Could Use Some More Time In Developmental

By | 39 Comments

Unforunately 'WWE 2K15' is the Husky Harris of wrestling video games.

final fantasy

A Very Dedicated Fan Recreated All Of ‘Final Fantasy VII’ In ‘LittleBigPlanet’


It took nearly three years, but every inch of 'Final Fantasy VII' has been remade in 'LittleBigPlanet'.


This Modern Version Of ‘Pac-Man’ Will Make You Despair For The State Of Gaming

By | 6 Comments

A new video highlights some of the ridiculous stuff we have to put up with in modern gaming.


Extra Hot Coffee: ‘GTA V’ Lets You Have Creepy First-Person Sex With Prostitutes

By | 30 Comments

One of the most controversial facets of GTA just got a little more in-your-face.


Ron Gilbert Is Kickstarting A Game That’s Basically A Sequel To ‘Maniac Mansion’

By | 7 Comments

Looking for a classic adventure game experience? 'Thimbleweed Park' is that and then some.


Check Out This Terrifying First-Person ‘GTA V’ Driving And Hatchet Rampage Footage

By | 7 Comments

GTA V for Xbox One and PS4 is almost here, so have some revealing new footage.

#Video Games

Five Games: ‘Super Smash Bros. For Wii U’ And Everything Else You Need To Play This Week

By | 15 Comments

It's the busiest gaming week of the year with Smash Bros, GTA V, Far Cry, Dragon Age and more!

#Game of Thrones

The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Video Game Is Looking Good In Leaked Screenshots

By | 20 Comments

Check out all your favorite (and not so favorite) Game of Thrones characters in video game form.

Super Smash Bros.

You Can Now Play ‘Super Smash Bros.’ On Your Graphing Calculator

By | 2 Comments

You can port the game over to your trusty TI-83s and mentally check out of the math class.


Someone Paid Over $1,500 For One Of The Excavated Atari Cartridges

By | 7 Comments

Is nostalgia worth $1,537? Someone thought so, as that's what they paid for an old, unplayable game buried in New Mexico.

#Video Games

Prepare Your Eyeballs For 10 Amazing Minutes Of HD ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Video

By | 11 Comments

Here's your best look yet at the eye-popping vistas of 'Final Fantasy XV'.

#Jurassic World

The Next LEGO Video Game Is Almost Certainly Going To Be ‘Jurassic Park’ Based

By | 4 Comments

Make sure your inner child is sitting down, because a Lego Jurassic Park video game is happening.

Far Cry 4

Launch Trailer: Enroll In ‘Far Cry 4′ 101 To Meet The Locals And Witness The Chaos of Kyrat

By | 2 Comments

Here's everything you need to know about Far Cry 4 short of "is the game fun?"

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