A Woman Got Duped By A Fake Bow Wow On Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Catfish’

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10.09.13 33 Comments

Anyone wanting to be on Catfish is clearly looking for exposure. In this day and age of technology, nobody should be getting catfished. This isn’t 1997, you guys.

Tuesday night’s episode of the silly reality show featured 19-year-old part-time model (!!!) Keyonnah looking to finally meet the person she’s been having an online relationship with for the past five months. The person she met on Facebook when she messaged them about how big of a fan she was. The person who threw on their cape and sent the mother of one $10,000. Keyonnah wanted to meet Shad Moss, better known as Bow Wow and currently listed as one of Birdman’s tax write-offs.

Unfortunately for Key Key, the guy she had been exchanging messages and talking on the phone with wasn’t Bow Wow. It was all the work of a 23-year-old baby stud by the name of Dee Pimpin and her equally ain’t sh*t cousin Fred.

Apparently, as she revealed, Dee Pimpin’s whole business is scoping out straight women and turning them out with the help of her trusty lambskin dildo. But even with her mock cock, I still don’t understand how these women look at Dee Pimpin and not feel like they’re being hit on by a 13-year-old boy looking for cool points from his schoolmates. Oh that’s right, she’s loaded.

On the show, Dee said the $10,000 she gifted Keyonnah with was her rap show money since she was a rapper because of course she would be. That was all fine and dandy till Nev couldn’t find jack shit on Dee Pimpin. Not even an old and forgotten about Soundclick page. When confronted, Dee revealed that she got the money from friends who “care a lot about her.”

But lesbihonest. Dee’s lambskin dildo either has these hoes emptying out their bank accounts or she’s a dope boy. My $10,000 is on the latter but you can’t just say things like that on TV all willy nilly.

Keyonnah was naturally devastated that it wasn’t the real Bow Wow she had been carrying on with. But I think the real heartbreak was finding out she had been played by Poussey from Orange Is The New Black.

Check out the episode below. And watch the real Bow Wow’s reaction here.

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