Cavi Feat. Crooked I & Bun B – “Hustler”

02.05.10 8 years ago 10 Comments

The phrase “looks can be deceiving” has a new theme song.

Showcasing top-notch guests who are known for cashing feature checks from just about anyone and a song title as unoriginal as they come, aspiring rapper Cavi completely caught me off guard by dropping off one of the nicest tracks I’ve heard in a young 2010. Not “nice” in the sense that this blueprint for ballin’ is extremely creative or lyrical – far from – but ‘nice’ as in cruising down the 101 catching as many rays as bugs on the windshield, blowing Vega smoke into the open air without a care in the planet.


Download — Cavi Feat. Crooked I & Bun B – “Hustler”

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