CeeLo Green Thinks That Whole ‘Drugging A Woman Without Her Knowledge’ Thing Was ‘Blown Out Of Proportion’

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12.09.15 3 Comments

CeeLo Green just can’t help himself when it comes to saying things that are bound to rile people up. While appearing on The Steve Harvey Show, CeeLo addressed the 2012 case against him for slipping Ecstasy into a woman’s drink, saying the whole thing was “blown out of proportion.”

Green started out the conversation on a good foot, by addressing that his actions were a mistake (and dropping a plug for his new album):

“We are human beings and we make mistakes, but I am not my mistakes. I am here, humbled and humanized and with a heartfelt new album that really does address the wisdom and understanding that I got out of the experience. So, I’m very fortunate for that.”

But things quickly took a turn when Green got deeper into what it was that actually humbled him. While talking about the woman whose drink he tampered with, he said that their relationship is an amicable one before saying the case against him was taken too seriously:

“Really unfortunate, inconvenient for both of us. We both agreed we would like to resume back to real life, it was something that was blown out of proportion. I’m not even at liberty to be so detailed about it, but like I said, it was amicable.”

Just no on this one, CeeLo.

(Via Rolling Stone)

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