Darren Wilson Probably Didn’t Want This Cell Phone Footage Of Mike Brown Shooting To Leak

09.11.14 3 years ago 41 Comments

A month has already passed since Michael Brown was viciously gunned down on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri. His killer, Officer Darren Wilson, has yet to be brought into custody as a grand jury decides whether the case sees a courtroom or not. If this most recent footage has its way, however, those in the pro-Wilson camp should probably look into investing in a Jason Terry “I-eat-ass” face tattoo.

CNN obtained new footage of two contract workers and their reactions immediately following the shooting. They did not know Brown or his family and were simply on assignment in the Missouri town when the murder happened. They can be overheard saying Brown’s hands were up and he was not posing a threat threat to the officer. The details become more graphic, depressing and infuriating from there.

Your move, Martin Baker and Ben Stein. Your move.


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