Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce And Jason Terry Traded To Brooklyn Nets For Multiple Players, Future Picks

06.28.13 5 years ago 28 Comments

New York Knicks Vs. Boston Celtics At TD Garden

Credit Danny Ainge and Billy King for overshadowing a Draft Night full of weird suits with a huge player swap. Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry got traded to the Brooklyn Nets for Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries, Marshon Brooks, Keith Bogans and first round draft picks for 2014, 2016 and 2018. Boston also has an option on BK’s 2017 pick if the Nets get a higher spot.

The trade makes me awkward as a Nets fan given my resentment towards Paul Pierce and KG. I’m glad the Nets shed Wallace’s deal. Also I’m freaking ecstatic about not having to see Reggie Evans on in Brooklyn EVER AGAIN.

Yet this isn’t the direction I wanted the franchise to go in. The Nets really needed a young 4 who can score and KG is well past his prime. Paul Pierce is no spring chicken either, shoot teams out of games and can be a defensive liability. LaMarcus Aldridge or Kevin Love would’ve been ideal alternatives but, hey, we can’t always get what we want.

Danny Ainge pretty much waved the white flag and embraced rebuild mode. Then again, as Bill Simmons said last night, the C’s aren’t bad enough to have a chance at a number 1 pick with Rajon Rondo around. Perhaps Ainge knows something we don’t about Rondo’s future? Early signs suggest he knows Rajon and Kris Humphries won’t add each other on Facebook this season.

Boston inherited the heart of Brooklyn’s struggle offense in the short term and some picks which may not end up as lottery selections. Cell will feel the pain I dealt with throughout last season while Gerald Wallace air balls layups, Reggie takes YOLO hook shots and Kris Humphries flubs easy passes. Plus, he’ll regularly cry himself to sleep over KG’s “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE” speech. Pray for him.

The Celtics are in for a long downturn unless they draft well for years to come. They’ll miss out on next season’s free agency fire sale* as Wallace’s contract restricts them from making a big signing. Rajon Rondo will also be a free agent two years from now if he doesn’t request a trade before then.

Much talk about the Nets becoming “instant contenders” has come to pass and heads really need to pump the breaks. They still have a first time coach in Jason Kidd who hasn’t filled out his coaching staff. Also, this deal’s potency lies in KG’s and Pierce’s health alongside developing BK’s bench.

Oh, and did you already forgot what happened to the Lakers after they got gassed last year? I’m not one to ride on blind optimism and I see no reason to start now. Acquiring three fading players with no cap space in sight doesn’t give many reasons to count eggs before they hatch.

Brooklyn’s opportunities for floor spacing address another key concern from last year. The upsides don’t stop the blockbuster deal from being a momentary solution for them. The team is bigger than my disdain for two crabs so my fandom hasn’t wavered. I’ll just cheer much quieter whenever KG or Pierce do anything positive.

Update: Looks like Marshon is heading to Boston while Reggie Evans stays in Brooklyn.

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* – Life will be so incredible if Kobe departs for Boston next summer. The chances of it happening are ridiculously slim and I’d still hate Boston. Nevertheless, the laughing fits will be great for my health.

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