Yes, Tony Allen Just Dunked On You, Antawn

05.14.10 8 years ago 62 Comments

Well, Cleveland got exiled from the playoffs once again, this time at the hands of the C’s. As much as I despise Boston (90% due to Paul Pierce), I gotta hand it to them for showing that five is greater than one: or none in the case of game five. In the meantime, Tony Allen’s monstrous dunk over Sweet n’ Lo Jamison deserves some burn since it pretty much caps how Boston beat the Lebroners: swiftly, efficiently and, according to some, unexpectedly.

Looking at Allen’s triumphant slam compelled me to drop a few lines on the series and the NBA as a whole. Here it goes.

1. It may seem fashionable to hate on Cleveland but even apologists can’t say anything positive about them now. I said they’d win in seven as I wanted Orlando to drop ’em in the ECF’s but I’m not making excuses for being wrong. In the meantime J. Tinsley was last found walking the streets aimlessly in a LBJ Swingman jersey drenched in his own tears. Let me take some time out to throw some more Crew members under the bus.

*Pages Patrick M.*

*Does the Elmer Fudd tip toe*

*Sets the trap*


MZ was the only one to pick the Celtics by the way. Leave it to an Ohio native to show us the light.

2. ESPN’s leapfrog into LeBron’s offseason at the moment of the final buzzer was anything but necessary. Someone please tell the folks at Bristol that THE SEASON ISN’T OVER YET! They need to spare me with their free agency agenda in efforts to bailout their projected ratings’ nosedive. Antics like that remind me why I can’t stand watching games on ESPN/ABC let alone stomach SportsCenter’s coverage. Hey David, can we get more NBA on TNT in the playoffs please?

3. Rajon Rondo literally ran Mo Williams out of Cleveland. Likewise, Anthony Paker’s wack attempts to keep up with the raging Rondo only bolster the notion that his sister Candace can beat him in a game of ball.

4. Is it wrong if I want to see VC get a ring? He did Toronto dirty but I wasn’t too upset at his tenure in Jersey. More importantly, he had a good showing in the semi’s despite taking game three off. Dr. Funk may very well crumble under pressure again but I’m quietly rooting for him anyway.

5. The Truth is a Grade-A Boston crab but “C’mon Chris!!” NEVER gets old.

And to think, all of this came from one dunk. Can’t say I’ll fair well without consecutive nights of basketball but I’ll run on standby till Sunday. Wake me up when Mike Brown gets his walking papers.

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