Chairman Mao Catches Up With The Real MF DOOM To Discuss…Everything

11.05.11 6 years ago 19 Comments

MF DOOM sits down with ego trip’s Chairman Mao in what may be the longest online video interview in the history of the Internuts. Filmed at a recent Red Bull Music Academy lecture in Madrid, Spain, the Chairman and the man behind the mask chop it up for an in-depth, hour-and-a-half public conversation. In usual odd fashion, DOOM wears the facial cloak the entire time and I had trouble breathing just watching him after a while but obviously he’s used to it. However, what we’re not used to seeing is him being completely revealing and candid as he is here in what will likely be the closest diehards and curious onlookers will ever see as a Behind The Music-style feature from the recondite rapper. And at this juncture, it’s probably best to defer to ego trip’s description of the conversation.

“Bear witness as Doom discusses the early ’80s episodes of Afrika Islam’s “Zulu Beats” radio shows on WHBI, which would provide the inspiration for his signature audio collages. Listen as he explains the defining characteristics of his plethora of performance personas (Zev Love X, Doom, Viktor Vaughn, King Ghidra). Marvel as he dissects the makings of classic recordings such as KMD’s Mr. Hood and Black Bastards, Operation: Doomsday, and his essential collab with Madlib, Madvillain’s Madvillainy. Mystery, science, and theater – all in abundance when this Supervillain speaks.”

Grab a Snickers and enjoy.

[ego trip]

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