Watch A Whole Class Of College Freshmen Get Trolled By Professor

09.07.13 4 years ago 10 Comments

fake professor pranks freshmen

Pranking people online is a brand of fun that anybody can enjoy. But it takes a special kind of talent to trick a room full of people in real life.

Patrick of The Chamber Boys definitely fits the bill after tricking a bunch of Freshman at the University of Rochester during their first day of chemistry into thinking that he was award-winning professor Dr. Ben Hafensteiner. What really makes the IRL troll priceless is that he didn’t get the students to do anything outlandish – he simply scared the sh*t out of them. And, as someone who has had some of my most intimidated, defeated moments at the hands of difficult professors and teachers, I can’t help but chuckle.

Swiped: Gawker

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