Chamillionaire Feat. Killer Mike & Rock D – “Charlie Sheen”

03.10.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

Going into downloading Koopa’s ode to The Wild Thing, not much was expected. Truth be told, I figured this timely collabo with Killer Kill to be a few thrown together verses over a run-of-the-mill beat, simply trying to capitalize on the fact Crazy Charlie is pulling the strings of society and getting more publicity than Lindsey Lohan starting a Middle East uprising.

Happily, I was way the hell off.

This wood-grain-gripping, bottom-feeding backhand slap to losers who knock the hustle is not only good enough to be the lead single off Cham’s upcoming Playlist Poison 3, but may be good enough get this one-time Grammy-winner back in regular rotation where he belongs.

Oh, and despite the The Mixtape Messiah’s overall quality here, Mr. Bigga still steals the show with an absolutely autistic verse.


Chamillionaire Feat. Mike Bigga & Rock D – “Charlie Sheen”

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