Chance Fischer – “Scarlet Letters” (Prod. By Gahim)

05.22.13 4 years ago

“Harnessed our inner Jane Baldwin
And inner city stories of our mothers holding premature coffins
10 cents a day is less than two cents from Harvard
So, we had to work smarter
That’s why, we, took a pen and a pad and a bag to ease
Some wrote about bagging cotton some others on bagging weed…”

With his newest project, Wreath, on the horizon sometime this summer, Chance Fischer provides a look into album with the poignant and introspective “Scarlet Letters.” The Gahim-produced cut isn’t exactly a replica of the Nathaniel Hawthrone classic. Yet, like the novel, the song harbors themes of attrition, self-inflicted sin and creating a prosperous life when society has outcasted otherwise.

Moving forward, the Ivy League grad vows to return to a lighter and more festive atmosphere with his music on future releases. Also, those in or near the Richmond area, be sure to catch Chance at Epic Fest 2013 later next month.

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