Chance Fischer – “Tantalize” Video

08.08.12 5 years ago 2 Comments

Barring no mistake on my part, this is Chance Fischer’s first official video. Directed by Mark A. Shark of New Vintage Films, “Tantalize,” found on this summer’s Epic Week EP, stands as a commendable choice to make his visual debut.

While the Cornell graduate does boast more lyrical offerings in his catalog, this song in particular stands as one of his finest moments to date. Inviting, catchy and still Hip-Hop at its core, “Tantalize” is everything needed if you’re attempting to introduce those unfamiliar. Plus, it’s bouncy enough to find itself riding out seamlessly for those prolonged car rides. The video, however, finds Chance wooing the lady in his life with a night at home equip with all those romantic intricacies the fairer sex seems to thrive with.

Interested in grabbing the song for the iPhone, iPod or whatever you music listening device of choice is these days? No problem. Click here.

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