Chance Fischer – “The Legend Of Swagger Vance”

10.19.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

Time management is an art known by many, but mastered by fewer. For Cornell University student Chance Fischer, it is an act practiced all to well. Senior year, for most, consists of attempting to find a full-time job, knocking down chicks missed during freshman through junior year and being inebriated every waking moment of the day.

‘Tis true for Mr. Fischer, yet it also consists of stealing studio hours as well. Planning to release his Zodiac sign influenced The Lucky Libra EP with the blessings of Upper Playground, “The Legend Of Swagger Vance” is scheduled to be the first and likely only insight to Fischer’s second official project set to release this Thursday. It’s blessed with the usual number of punchlines, but with even more wittier wordplay than we were all accustomed to earlier this summer.

Not too commercial, while not too introspective, Chance uses this Best Kept Secret instrumental to conquer the exact mission he expected to with his self proclaimed “Ivy League slick talk.”


Download — Chance Fischer – “The Legend Of Swagger Vance”

Bonus: Chance tries his hand at another Kanye creation. Different beat, same result.


Download — Chance Fischer – “So Appalled”

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