Chance The Rapper – “Acid Rain” (Prod. By Jake One)

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
02.22.13 11 Comments

Seeing Jake One’s name listed as a track’s producer automatically means pressing play on a track. For Chance The Rapper’s “Acid Rain,” Senor Uno’s sparse but thumping number pushes Chance to the forefront, giving him the listener’s undivided attention. And what does Chance do? He spills his guts, laying out a scrambled mess built off emotions spent on memories past and the worries that come with staring down future hurdles.

But he does it all with a carefree confidence, which sound ironic but still stands true. The whole three minute affair works like an exhale, allowing the Chicago MC to be earnest while remaining cocksure. As Chance says midway through, “Sometimes the truth don’t rhyme.” And it isn’t always neat and easy either.

Acid Rap comes in April.

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