Chance The Rapper Continued His Crusade Against Spike Lee’s ‘Chi-Raq’

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12.16.15 21 Comments

If you think Chance The Rapper will ever stop going in, ask Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq. The “Sunday Candy” rapper doubled down on his comments about Lee’s latest film in a recent interview with Chicago radio station WGCI.

Chance responded to comments made by Lee that he’s avoiding attacking the Mayor’s office because his father works for the city.

“I mean, Spike Lee is saying that ’cause he’s promoting a movie. He’s trying to make more money. He got his little 15 million from Amazon and his other little bread from Lionsgate and made a movie that was not about Chicago but, you know what I’m saying, manipulated and used Chicago actors and Chicago scenery to push this movie…It was an oversimplification of a bigger problem. He wasn’t really focusing on the issues of Chicago, it wasn’t really about Chicago. To me, it was about this age-old conversation of black on black violence, which is to me some Bill Cosby ‘pull up your pants’ stuff. I’m just not for it.”

“I was trying to explain to people outside of Chicago that it was marketed to that this isn’t a representation of us and we’re not rockin’ with it,” he added.

While it doesn’t really count as a criticism, Chance did address the general feeling of discontent surrounding Mayor Rahm Emanuel in his new song “Paradise.”

“They say I’m saving my city, say I’m staying for good
They screaming Chano for mayor, I’m thinking maybe I should”

And in between all the serious talk, he managed to even sing a little bit of the holiday classic “This Christmas” by Donny Hathaway. You can listen to that, as well as the whole interview up top. For both sides of the Chi-Raq debate, check out our dueling reviews.

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