Chance The Rapper Plays With Words For ‘Sway In The Morning’

06.21.13 5 years ago 4 Comments

chance the rapper sway in the morning

Watching Chance The Rapper serve the loose microphone at Sway In The Morning reminds me of the first time I listened to Acid Rain all the way through. In an extended car ride with rap heads who don’t do their homework, one of them asked who we were listening to and when I told him, he responded bluntly. “Sounds more like Chance The Talker.” Yet, even after the chuckling subsided, I thought about his snap judgement and realized my pal wasn’t too far off.

Whether you’re listening to Chance spit recorded verses through your car speakers or watching him freestyle live in studio for millions of listeners, the fact is Chance’s style is unorthodox to the point where he often is simply speaking normally, only on beat and rhyming words when doing so. But, beyond the atypical delivery and playful ad-libs he’s become known for, where the Chiraq MC truly shines is in the meaning behind each of the words he chooses so carefully.

As Tins pointed out, Chance’s content carries weight and the effort is evident in every aspect of his product, but especially in this case. Seeing Chance share frequencies with Sway down below only shows exactly how much thought really does go into every single word – as listeners are left hanging in between each sought after syllable during these Shade 45 sessions, which speak on everything from feeling just fine in a Ford to having to act like a rapper for TV and delivers the same insightful content we appreciate his recorded material for.

Bottom line, whether Chance is rapping or talking, we’re much better off listening than not.

Bonus: Chance followed up the early morning appearance with a performance at SOB’s, where he ran through crowd favorites off Acid Rap and of his 10 Day mixtapes. Props to GoodFella Media for the footage.

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