“Good Luck Chuck!” – Charles Barkley Reports To Jail

03.07.09 9 years ago 12 Comments

Earlier, Charles Barkley reported to Tent City to begin serving his whopping three day sentence, of which 12 hours will be spent on “work release.”

Sir Charles Barkley has been booked at Tent City, where he will enjoy some nice quiet moments to reconsider his decision to chase a lady friend around Scottsdale while drunk. The original sentence would have set up Barkley for five days; late this week, a judge decreased the sentence to three days. Of this, the AP reports that Barkley will have a 12-hour work release on Sunday. I’m a bit surprised, because I really thought that during the regular season Chuck only worked Thursday nights. Maybe he (gasp) actually watches non-TNT games and (double gasp) does research. Or perhaps he has a T-Mobile commercial to shoot. No? Oh.

Do your time Charles & don’t let the time do you. And I’ll leave you with the words of wisdom by Avon & Stringer.

“You come in here, you get your mind right, you only do two days. The day you come in and the day you get out.”

Considering your situation, that should be pretty easy. So keep that in mind & don’t drink anything if you want to be back out chasing down chicks with the same fervor.

That’s all I got fam.

Our Streets, Safe At Last: Barkley’s In Jail [Sporting News]

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