Charles Hamilton – This Perfect Life (Unreleased)

09.20.09 8 years ago 49 Comments

If hate was love, Charles Hamilton would be Jay-Z, straight up. Since it’s not, the majority of the Hip-Hop community would have approached The Pink Sonic’s debut album thirsty for blood. However, Interscope pulled the plug, for better or worse, and This Perfect Life was shelved indefinitely.

While countless, miscellaneous fuckery has caused his reputation to be tainted for some, after the 13,503 mixtapes he’s bestowed on us, this album was to be his moment to prove to all he can garner positive attention off the strength of his music. Since it seems that will not be happening in the immediate future, we present to you what was to be.

DownloadCharles Hamilton – This Perfect Life (Unreleased)

Props: D. Omen

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