Charlie Villanueva Is A Snitch

11.03.10 7 years ago 41 Comments

The headlines read “Kevin Garnett Called Charlie Villanueva A Cancer Patient.” I’d rather you hone in my title instead. Sure, now that the off-color comment has hit the national media, it paints KG as an insensitive, immoral asshole but the context given was trash talk. Off-the-record, on-the-court, unadulterated trash talk. It has been around since the days of peach baskets and will be around long after they make hologram ones.

Charlie V. is one of the NBA’s avid Twitter users; infamously making headlines for Tweeting from the locker room so his candidness isn’t surprising. However, that doesn’t make it any less disappointing. Imagine if Kobe called out every player that teased him about Eagle, Colorado. He didn’t. He just singled out Shaq. Think about all the racist remarks that get tossed around the court, field and dugouts throughout a regular season. If players will take to uncontrolled, anabolic substances to get the edge over one another, a few verbal exchanges are not out of the question.

And let’s discuss edges for a second, because that’s what the Pistons ain’t got. KG had 22 points, Villanueva had 17. The Celtics won 108-86. They’re 3-1 on the year while the Detroit have lost all four of their games. With all those numbers, something isn’t adding up Charlie. That would be your priorities. Suck it up and drive on. Ironically (or not), that halftime tweet from a year ago was during a game against the Celtics.

Let me find out KG is in your nightmares. Tattletale!

Detroit Pistons Charlie Villanueva Tweets KG Called Me A Cancer Patient [Fox Sports]

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