Chase N. Cashe – “I’m The Man” Video

05.19.12 6 years ago

In his illustrious quest of forever chasing cash, Chase N. Cashe shows the TV who’s boss at the end of “I’m The Man.” From the captain of the “Wavy Navy” who also brought us “Trill Living” and all its subsequent remixes, this in-your-face ode to his incomparable greatness should come as no surprise. With the ominous horns blaring throughout the song, Cashe confidently raps about how phenomenal he is, daring anyone to come after him.

Throughout the sports-themed video, director Phil The God mixes in footage of legends like Mike Tyson and Michael Jordan with the solo shots of Chase. Whether he’s hopping back and forth in the boxing ring, swinging his bat recklessly on the empty baseball diamond, or sitting atop his throne of a basketball hoop, no one else is around. Chase N. Cashe has certainly stayed in his own lane, and if he’s going to be thrown into the same stratosphere as those sports heroes, it’s no wonder that he has no adversaries. Besides, just look what happened to the TV.

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