Chavis Chandler – ‘The Legend Of The Leather Britches’ Video

10.01.14 3 years ago

For a year or so now, I’d heard about Chavis Chandler and his Verbal Vomit crew making waves, locally in Detroit. Now that I’m hearing his music for the first time, after watching this video for “The Legend Of Leather Britches,” the buzz seems justified.

Riding an intoxicating beat from Stereo Symphony, the East 7 Mile representative delivers inspired raps via an energetic drawl, tested attitude and a keen sense of melody, specifically on uber catchy hook. Plus, between the nefarious older white woman and the models with Uzis, the random clip shows Chandler understands the need to throw some curve balls out there to establish a brand. Chandler clearly knows what he’s doing.

We’re going to continue playing catch up and check out Chav’s mixtape Dark Skin Jermaine And The Legend Of The Leather Britches and see if how deep the heat really goes. Follow suit, below.

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