Chels – “Out My Window” Video

12.03.12 5 years ago 6 Comments

When I watched Chels’ video for “Out The Window,” it had 503 plays. That’s a f*cking crime and honestly makes me mad. Untalented, 16-year-old banshees and cats eating out of a litter box get millions of plays in an hour, while this equally beautiful and talented artist can’t crack a grand with a track that unravels her soul for the masses.

This self-proclaimed “kid of Katrina” raps with such an intimate flavor atop producer TaeBeast’s familiar drum break and calming pads, the result puts listeners in a state of sedation and on a journey through a stylized version of her eclectic background. Plus, the New Orleans native only compliments her smooth groove with director Shawn tha Kidd’s simplistic visual, which finds Chels and her pencil-thin frame busting some solo dance grooves in front of an illuminated sound shop, like everyone and no one at all are watching all at once.

Basically, this track was good enough to stir up some feelings, inspire a download of her True School For The Moon Children mixtape and burn to a CD-R for my car (Yeah, I still do that). It would probably in your best interest to up those views below and follow suit.

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