Chiddy Bang – “The Good Life”

09.10.10 7 years ago 6 Comments

I came a long way from when I wasn’t so fly, Did music like Kweli, just to get by.”

Devin, Beware and I have a weekly conversation about what it will take for Chiddy Bang to catch on with listeners. Not with larger audiences, because they seem to have latched on to the two-man team’s music and continually crowd in to see their performances. Instead, we always wonder where the high-brow fans are, the demographic who hasn’t noticed MTV and similar mainstream media outlets in ages. We haven’t found any solid answers yet but key cosigns keep coming for Chiddy Bang as Pharrell deliver some choice synths for “The Good Life,” the first release off the upcoming mini-album The Preview. If they don’t gain your attention, it’s not from lack of talent or trying.

Chiddy Bang – “The Good Life” (Co-produced by Pharrell) | Download

H/T: Spin

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