This Is What Chief Keef And Kanye’s Second Collab Will Sound Like

Life Writer
08.17.14 19 Comments

Chief Keef took to Insta to give fans a preview of his Kanye West-assisted track, “Nobody,” which will be appearing on his upcoming Bang 3 album. If you’ll recall, the two previously linked up for Ye’s “Hold My Liquor.”

Judging from the shared 15-second clip, we can expect a heavily Auto-Tuned ballad that has nothing to do with Keith Sweat’s “Nobody.” Talk about a missed opportunity.

Despite Sosa rapping like how Beavis and Butthead laugh and the song being heavily Auto-Tuned, I think I’m hearing, “I can’t feel nobody, I can’t hear nobody, I can’t see nobody,” which lets me know it’ll be a song about “stuntin’ on you hoes.” Sorry if I’m wrong, but I’m still training my ears to pick up on Mr. Keef’s words.

One day I’ll be proficient enough to make out what’s being said below. Something about police, flexing, stawk and bawk. Google never got back to me about a Gucci Mane translator so I won’t even waste my time asking for a Chief Keef one.

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