Chief Keef Bails On Breast Cancer Event, Gets Hit With Lawsuit For $26K

02.04.14 4 years ago 22 Comments

We can all agree that Chief Keef is a jackass, right? Beware predicted douche-y days surrounding the now 18-year-old rapper almost two years ago, and, for numerous reasons, B’s been spot-on.

Chalk this story up as more of the same behavior: Keef was booked to play a charity event – meant to support breast cancer survivors – in Cleveland, but he bailed. Because he’s such a rock star, or whatever. This all happened last June, and now RapCure and The WooHoo Foundation are suing to recover their $26,000 that rolled down the drain.

And this isn’t the first time that Keef has faced such trouble.

Aside from the obvious question (WHY THE F*CK DO YOU GET CHIEF KEEF FOR A CHARITY EVENT THAT’S THE BOOKING EQUIVALENT OF ASKING R. KELLY TO READ YOUR MARRIAGE VOWS), I’m just going to leave it to everybody else to make their opinions on Keef. The “f*ck everything” attitude isn’t an act. If you’re an adult and you find that appealing, go nuts. I’ll be in the corner, getting excited for Outkast or something.

Silver lining time: Bieberveli doesn’t have to be the only asshole 18-year-old in the limelight. Until next week, at least.

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