Chief Keef Laughs After Rival Rapper Lil Jojo Is Killed

09.05.12 5 years ago 142 Comments

A little over a month ago, we saw Lupe Fiasco overcome with emotion as he watched video of friends whose young lives were snuffed out by violence. A week ago, the Chicagoan stated that the culture Chief Keef represented scared him. Today, we see more hard evidence as to why Lupe fears for the direction of his hometown, and the young people who populate it.

A 16-year-old rapper named Joseph Coleman, otherwise known as Lil JoJo, died from gunshot wounds late last night. Coleman had been embroiled in a rivalry with Chief Keef associate and fellow rapper Lil Reese, even having an angry exchange with him in a video was posted on YouTube only a few days ago. In the clip, someone yells the words “I’mma kill you.”

In a seemingly related set of tweets following Coleman’s death last night, Keef seemed to be laughing at the tragedy that befell his teenaged rival.

In major cities throughout the country, most vividly represented by Chicago, IL, nihilism has mutated from a philosophy into a trend. Teenagers and young adults alike wear not giving a fuck like the latest snapback or Nike release. Besides the long standard motives of perceived slights, gang affiliations, drugs and money, kids are more frequently than ever dying because it is in style to not care.

Why else are teenagers laughing when others their age are murdered? Why else are young men and women gleefully watching the world burn around them for no other reason than they like the glow of the flickering flames? After years of neglect from absentee parents and underfunded public school systems that can no long muster even a half-hearted effort to educate the youth, the kids have just plain run out of reasons to believe in anything.

What’s the remedy?

I imagine whiny blog posts won’t save the next generation from running toward impending doom like a Black Friday sale at Best Buy. The only option is to try to save one kid. Maybe it’s your own son or daughter. Maybe it’s the son of a friend who finds himself behind bars because of his own misspent youth. Maybe it’s a neighbor. Just find one, any one, and give them something to hold on to. Try to give them something to believe in through your example. Through your actions. With sincerity. With your time.

If not, you may as will get a bag of marshmallows, cozy up to the inferno and watch what’s left go up in smoke.

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