Arrest Warrant Issued For Chief Keef Today, June 19, 2013 #3Hunna

06.19.13 5 years ago 18 Comments

chief keef miami warrant

Staying out of the cross-hairs of law enforcement and judges is becoming an everyday struggle for Chief Keef. On Wednesday, the Chicago rapper was on the receiving end of a Florida judge’s arrest warrant.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the head Glory Boy in charge was stopped last August by Miami Beach authorities after they spotted Keef driving red Ferrari that had been reported stolen.

When asked if he was carrying any weapons, Keef allegedly stated “I have weed in my right front pocket.” According to the police report, Keef explained “I want to be honest with you, officer.” Upon search, officers found two clear plastic baggies containing marijuana.

From there, the story gets tricky because Keef was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana and ordered to appear in court on Jan. 23. Before he could appear, he was jailed in Chicago for violating his probation on a gun conviction.

With the missed court date, a Florida judge issued an arrest warrant that will be served if the rapper happens to find himself in Miami Beach again. “We would not travel to Chicago for this type of warrant,’’ said Miami-Dade Police Detective Javier Baez.

The news comes after the rapper was arrested and released yesterday in Chicago on a trespassing charge. Watch footage of him exiting the courtroom below.

At this pace, Keef is sure to shatter Gucci’s record.

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