Chief Keef’s Neighbors Are Happy As Hell He’s Been Evicted

06.10.14 4 years ago 32 Comments

Chief Keef’s neighbors are probably rejoicing by breathing marijuana-free air now that Sosa’s gone. While his landlord says Keef moved out on his own accord, cops say the rapper was evicted from his Highland Park mansion after falling behind on on his rent by $30,000.

“Someone else who lives nearby told me that there were cars coming and going all the time. So much so that maybe there was drug stuff going on. We smelled it. There were fights that went on, too. We had to call police for the fights. There were gun shots. Police were called several times a week, between us and the neighbors and the neighbors behind them, too.


“It’s been horrible. They were certainly not good tenants.”

Keef is already looking for a new spot to terrorize neighbors with his hoodbooger bullshit.

H/T: Chicago Tribune

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