First Look: Childish Gambino’s ‘because the internet’ Album Cover Might Be Angry

11.07.13 4 years ago 22 Comments

because the internet album cover

According to Sir Childish Gambino, the above image will form the cover to his new album, because the internet. The rapper posted the cover on his Tumblr earlier today and the most noticeable thing is he doesn’t look very happy. Why wouldn’t lovable Troy be happy? He has everything in the world to be happy about.

The answer could be traced to several different sources.

Early this week, I stumbled across Gambino-Glover’s interview with Noisey, which delved into the source of his frustration. The 30-year-old artist has been going through it publicly after he shared a few pretty dark notes on his Instagram account, ones that had every outlet around claiming he was suicidal. You and me? We vent on social media and maybe one or two people call to check on us. Glover unleashes his mental anguish on IG and he has People Magazine calling to ask what’s wrong and if he plans to off himself.

As it turns out, he was.

Not exactly at that moment, according to him, but in recent months the thought crossed his mind after a major break-up knocked him off his square. I think all men experience that “one that got away” woman, the kind of girl who after she leaves you – because they usually leave us, fellas, let’s just be honest – getting over her is tougher than most obstacles we’ll ever face as boys learning to become men. Anyone who hasn’t yet eventually will or hasn’t loved hard enough.

From what I garnered in his statements, CG’s been down through there after the relationship fell apart and the road’s been filled experimenting with different coping mechanisms, partying, questioning and self-doubt while trying to sort his shit out. Those spaces right after a break-up usually aren’t well lit, thus Gambino’s been shrouded with a sense of darkness, one that begun to show itself externally.

Based on your more recent public appearances, you seem to be coming from a darker place.

“We were in the airport and I was waiting in line at the ATM and there was a guy in front of me getting money. I came up and he got nervous, so I went to the side and waited for him to finish. I said to my group of friends, “I don’t think white people know how much effort in my day is put into making them feel comfortable.” In general, people don’t know how much of my time is dedicated to making them feel comfortable.Maybe it has to do with being older, but I just didn’t want to do it anymore. I don’t want to make people comfortable all the time. Plus, we just feel like we’re going to die soon.”

I haven’t seen him address the cover. I doubt he will. But part of me says that look on his face, the slight furl on his brow then the action of the GIF all tie back into the rapper’s want to make others feel some of the discomfort he’s feeling. History shows that many men make their best music while finding their way from darkness back to light.

If he’s lucky, Gambino will find happiness again soon. But, before then, I hope we get a revealing, emotional album in because the internet.

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