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Jasmine Jannay by Derrick G.

Chinese Woman Sentenced to Labor Camp Over Tweet [Mashable]

Can Anyone Stand In Four Loko’s Way? [Uproxx]

Sofia Vergara On ‘Modern Family’: A Collection Of Bouncy GIFS [WarmingGlow]

A People’s History of Hip-Hop: Scarface-Old Joy [Passion Of Weiss]

A Naked Vanessa Williams Covers Ebony Magazine’s Holiday Issue [GOT]

Raekwon Talks ‘Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang’ & Boondocks [57th Ave.]

Samuel L. Jackson Stars As Jimmy McMillan In “The Rent Is Too Damn High!” [TUD]

10 Notable Father-Son Combos in College Basketball [Complex]

Dry Snitching To PETA: Ricky Rozay’s Flagrant Foul [C&D]

2011 Chevy Camaro Convertible [Cool Material]

34 Uses For Toothpaste Outside Of Your Mouth [The Consumerist]

Pete Rock Says Kanye West, Jay-Z Collabo ‘The Joy’ Was Made In ’97 [Vibe]

Five Types Of Trickery On The Football Field [With Leather]

Are Stoners Really Dumb, or Do They Just Think They Are? [Healthland]

Behold: German Klingon Rapper Exists, We Shall Call Him Klenginem [Gamma Squad]

Kevin Love’s 31-31 Inspiration [The Basketball Jones]

Onyx Inks Management Deal, Plans New Music; Tour Of Ukraine [AHH]

Hip-Hop’s Laboratory of Language [PopMatters]

11 Tech Announcements We’re Excited For In 2011 [Ugo]

Dude Perfect’s New Upper Deck Shot at Cowboys Stadium [Hoop Doctors]

What’s The Greatest Gaming Console Ever? [Unreality]

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